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      It has been 6 months, 15 days and time is moving so fast. I’ve already said a lot of things about this. Well, if only God could talk to me I guess he will hit me with a big cloud because of changing my prayer about my love life. Lol!

      I used to say that, “In my next relationship, gusto ko matibay muna yung foundation namin bago maging next level" ; "God, ikaw na bahala. Hindi na ako maghahanap, maghihintay na lang ako." ; "God, pwede ba ipagkita mo na kami ngayon, gusto ko na ng someone." Those are just some of my lines in my daily prayer. Babae nga ako, even sa prayer may mood swings. Hahaha!

     But then… I realized, what is that for ba? Am I completely ready to be in a relationship? Am I capable of loving someone again? Or is it just because I’m jealous every time I’m seeing sweet couples and lonely at the same time because I don’t have someone right now?

     But there is one thing for sure, he will come into my life in God’s will and time.